Injury prevention

We’re your local injury prevention partners. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of Tasmanian industries, our dedicated and experienced team is committed to preventing workplace injuries, promoting health and reducing risks.

Ergonomic assessment

Our qualified Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists conduct one-on-one ergonomic assessments right at your workplace. We understand that prevention is key, and assessments cater to both new workers and those experiencing concerns with their current setup.

A comprehensive report outlines the worker’s background, any changes suggested during the assessment, and practical recommendations, including equipment modifications if needed.

Pre-employment assessment

Pre-employment assessments are tailored to reduce the risk of work-related injuries or aggravation of existing conditions. Conducted by our qualified Physiotherapists, these assessments cover a range of factors, including medical history, musculoskeletal assessment, functional capacity, manual handling, BMI, blood pressure, drug testing, vision, and fitness rating.

We focus on ensuring the individual’s physical suitability for the specific demands of their workplace.

Manual handling solution


Our Physiotherapists analyse workplaces, pinpointing areas for improvement to minimise injury risks. From task observations to equipment assessments, we provide practical recommendations for a safer environment, a crucial step before tailored training.


Following a thorough workplace review and task observation, we offer customised manual handling training that fits your budget and objectives. Whether there have been changes in work processes, staffing, or equipment, we’ve got your back with refresher sessions.

Manual handling solutions

Physiotherapy service

We provide Physiotherapy services throughout Tasmania, with hubs in Hobart, Launceston, and Northwest. Our experienced providers offer on-site, clinic, or home-based support, focusing on injury prevention, effective management, and promoting overall wellbeing. We’re dedicated to helping you understand and overcome injuries for a smooth return to full health.

Partner with us to prevent workplace injuries, promote health, and reduce risks.