Case Management

Our rehabilitation consultants manage the return to work process for physical and psychological injuries by providing support to injured workers through pro-active intervention and consulting with relevant parties including treating practitioners, worker, employer, insurer (if applicable) to develop an appropriate return to work program, with the goal of returning the worker to their pre-injury capacity in a safe, timely and sustainable manner.

Where it is deemed that a worker is unable to return to their pre-injury position, our consultants can assist with identifying and securing new employment inline with medical capacity.

Case management activities include initial assessment, attendance at medical reviews, development of return to work and/or injury management plans, coordinating medical intervention and consulting with all parties.

Our consultants provide case management for workers compensation claims and non-work related injuries.



Initial Workplace Rehabilitation Assessment

A worker’s injury, usual job and duties, current medical situation (including psychosocial factors), education, employment history and workplace factors are examined to determine, and establish, a plan to address the worker’s and employer’s rehabilitation needs. Activities include assessing the worker’s and employer’s needs; consulting with the medical practitioner and treating professionals, making workplace visits to identify/negotiate suitable duties, and the development of an injury management plan where a specific workplace assessment is not indicated.

Vocational Assessment

We assess the worker to identify vocational options and recommend strategies to achieve the vocational options. Realistic vocational options are identified by analysing the worker’s work profile and matching the work profile with a suitable work environment. The work profile includes a description of the worker’s transferable skills, abilities, aptitude, interests, preferences, restrictions and work capacities. Job options are then analysed for their match with the worker’s profile.

Job/Task Analysis

We analysis the critical physical and psychological demands of a task or occupation. Findings include a general description of the job, essential and non-essential functions, information on the working environment and specifications of the job demands.

Job analysis reports can be used for a number of purposes including; developing targeted pre-employment assessments; provided to medical practitioners during a return to work process to determine suitable duties; and for assessing a worker’s functional capacity.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

FCE’s objectively measure an injured worker’s existing work capacity against specific and relevant work demands. FCE’s are useful for assessing the functional capacity of workers who have sustained non-work related physical injuries, as well as under workers’ compensation. Our physiotherapists are specialist qualified to undertake FCE’s. Participants are asked to allow up to 3.5 hours for the assessment.

Ergonomic Assessment

Our ergonomic assessments are conducted at the workplace by a qualified physiotherapist or occupational therapist, involving a one-on-one assessment of a worker’s workstation. Our clients are provided with a report including worker’s background, any changes/suggestions made during the assessments and recommendations, including any suggested/modified equipment.

We conduct ergonomic assessments for new workers (prevention) and also for workers who are experiencing concerns with their current workstation set up or who may require workstation modifications due to injury.

Job Modification

A qualified workplace rehabilitation consultant conducts an assessment regarding aids, equipment needs and/or modification of either the physical work environment, the management systems of the job, or the work practices to assist in achieving a return to work.

Injury Management Coordinators

Appointed by an insurer or employer, our WorkCover accredited IMCs co-ordinate and oversee the entire injury management process, including medical treatment, return to work, and all aspects of return to work plans and injury management plans.

Workplace Assessment

Workplace assessments involve identifying the critical physical, psychological, social, environmental and organisational demands and risk factors of all relevant work tasks and, if appropriate, facilitation of a job match if the injured worker’s functional capacity with appropriate components of the ore-injury job or other suitable duties.

Identification of methods of temporarily or permanently modifying/mitigating the work demands to facilitate a safe return to work and identification of suitable duties that will increase the worker’s tolerances and work capacity may also be considered.

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